We offer two types of Export Services. Full Service and Consolidating Only.


In Full Service we will do everything from finding the parts for you, to ordering the parts, receiving the parts and finally packing the parts so that the parts are packed in a way that will minimize the volume of the shipment and minimize weight. Where possible we will remove packing materials and use soft parts such as air fillters to protect more breakable parts. This service saves you money as you are not paying to ship packing material across the planet.


With the consolidating service Automotive Performance Export will consolidate any goods purchased by a customer from various vendors into one shipment. This allows you to leverage your existing vendor accounts and saves you money by having Automotive Performance Export minimize your international
shipping costs. Our fee for this service is 5% of the purchase price of the goods.


In many cases we combine the Full and Consolidating Services allowing you to take advantage of both services where it saves you money.
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